The company strives to offer the Client best value for money. We often examine ways of providing Clients with cost and time saving alternatives which may reduce contract durations, delivering infrastructure requirements at an earlier stage. Private sector clients can then achieve an earlier income , whilst public sector clients can release essential projects quicker than anticipated.

Our aims



Infrastructural schemes are delivered via a hands-on approach by P. Woulfe & Son, providing the basis to the key company objectives


· a safe environment

· a quality product at the right price

· high production through adequate resourcing with experienced personnel

· shorter construction periods






The Company has earned the enviable reputation of being providers of high quality and well managed construction projects which are completed within time schedules and budgets agreed with our clients.

Addenbrookes, Cambridge

For Jackson Civil Engineering

Docklands light Railway Intervention shaft and Headhouse

For Morgan Est

Slipform shaft, Dundrum, Dublin

For John Sisk

Construction through Partnership

Watford Campus Fitzpatrick